Funkadelic: Maggot Brain Shirt

Merchandise Design

I was first put on to Funkadelic by coworker, who was a vinyl DJ in the 1980’s. The first song I heard was Get Off Your Ass & Jam off of Let’s Take It To The Stage, and I absolutely loved it. The song opens with a terrifying guitar and the album art looks like something off a Grateful Dead bootleg - I was sold. From there I listened to Funkadelic’s essential album Maggot Brain and loved it. The album is full of sinister earworms and some of the best psychedlic funk. The album art for Maggot Brain features a womens head sticking out of the ground which reminded me of zombies flicks and who does them better than George Romero. This connection inspired me to create a shirt design for Maggot Brain in style of Dawn Of The Dead.



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